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What clients Say


Shirley-Ann has changed my life! I recommend her to everyone I know who needs TLC, physically and/or psychologically. My sessions here are the high spot of my week. 
~ Claire, Frimley 

Shirley-Ann is an excellent physiotherapist – I have recommended her to all my friends. 
~ Erica, Ascot    

Shirley-Ann has helped me a lot with my knee pain! I will come and see her again and cannot praise her enough.
~ Erma, Lightwater 

Shirley-Ann has created a very comfortable ambience and environment in her treatment room.  Much of this comes from the positivity and warmth that are a part of her persona.  I found Shirley-Ann to be both gentle and at the same time assertive in pushing me to complete my exercises each week.  It was the first and only time that anyone in the medical profession has motivated me to push myself further than the minimum level suggested!  She employed a number of different techniques and I experienced a measurable improvement in the range of movement in my shoulder each week.  I was very impressed and have since recommended Shirley-Ann to several friends. 
~ TR, Bagshot

I have been using Shirley-Ann Walters for a number of years now for sports based injuries. Initially it was for a fractured shoulder whilst skiing and more recently a lower back injury whilst playing squash. Each time Shirley-Ann quickly got to the root cause of the pain and the required treatment quickly. Shirley-Ann has an extremely empathetic manner about her and makes the treatment sessions interesting and enjoyable, whilst enabling a quick recovery. In a strange way I am looking forward to my next injury so that I can use Shirley-Ann again.  

Shirley-Ann I'd like to express my gratitude to you for the treatment sessions I had with you.  At a very 'needy' time in my life you impressed upon me on multiple levels the importance of personal well being. Your practical skills nurtured my physical pain, your nutritional advice promoted a nourishing and sustaining diet, most importantly I felt you took great care to understand my individual needs and that special detail made all the difference.  Needless to say I was extremely satisfied and restored to good health.  Thank you.
~ Robin, Camberley

The treatment I received for RSI from Shirley-Ann was of very real benefit.
~ Chris, Sunninghill

Hi Shirley-Ann, Thank you for the Treatment yesterday. It was wonderful and I’ve spent today doing many things that I’ve been putting off for weeks. Suddenly I felt more proactive. 

~ Keely, Windlesham 

You have been an anchor in a storm

~ ​Edna, Winkfield 

I have been very pleased with the treatment that I have received from Shirley-Ann, she always talks about the problem before commencing any treatment. Whatever problem I go to her with she is able to sort me out.

Shirley-Ann has been my physiotherapist and has treated my whole family for over 20 years. She is professional in her conduct, however she offers a great deal more. She is caring, attentive and takes time to listen. Shirley-Ann will always take the time to discuss the treatment she feels is best for me and is always open to my considerations. In today’s world where they say time is money being treated by Shirley-Ann is truly an uplifting experience even if I have come to see her with pain! Her own self-development enriches the treatment she offers me as a patient. 
~ Alison, Windlesham 

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I have had many treatment sessions with Shirley-Ann. She is always quick to put me at ease and shares her experience and knowledge in a way that is truly supportive. I never feel rushed when. I am having a treatment with her and always feel that she is someone who loves her work and goes the extra mile.
~ RM   

EXCELLENT THERAPIST. I consider Shirley-Ann an excellent therapist and she has helped me during some difficult times.
Her esoteric way of working has helped me release the stresses I was feeling and allowed me to keep things in perspective.

~ The Gaffer

AN OUTSTANDING PRACTITIONER. I have been a client of Shirley-Ann's for a number of years now and have found her very helpful in treating a knee injury. I feel relaxed as soon as I enter her clinic because of the soothing and harmonious atmosphere. Shirley-Ann is professional, friendly and approachable and has a positive attitude which empowers her clients. I visit regularly which helps to keep my knee flexible - I would highly recommend her as an outstanding practitioner.

~ AP

I have known Shirley-Ann for a few years, and found her to be a very open and honest person.As a physiotherapist, she helped me through all my aches and pains, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs treatment.

~ Mike, Sandhurst

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Absolutely amazing, Shirley-Ann is ever so caring and insightful.
~ VS

FANTASTIC PHYSIO. Shirley Ann is very knowledgable physio and is very gentle in her treatment methods. I would highly recommend her.
~ SG

WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE, VERY IMPRESSED Had a right hip replacement last September, had not used Shirley-Ann before, she came to my home for several weeks and got me up and walking quickly...Excellent​.
~ BD

VERY PROFESSIONAL. I first starting seeing Shirley-Ann in 2020. I find her professional, kind, approachable and very knowledgeable. The physio sessions provided immeasurable relief.The sessions were COVID compliant and I felt extremely safe.

~ JR

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Shirley-Ann is a fantastic practitioner, truly holistic and goes far beyond treating just on a functional level. I’d highly recommend her!

~ RN

Video Session feedback -
"I have just experienced a remote session by Skype with Shirley-Ann. It was a beautiful session where I could feel the support and a deep stillness and settlement in my body as tension released from different areas. We may be in 'lockdown' and 'self-isolation' at home but there was a strong feeling of freedom and connection throughout. "

~ M.A Surrey

FABULOUS CARING PHYSIOTHERAPIST. I recommend Shirley-Ann to anyone who wants a caring professional physiotherapist. Not only has she helped with my physical problems she had also spent time helping emotionally too. I can’trecommend her enough. I had previously been to see other physio’s but in my opinion non are equal to Shirley-Ann.​

~ AM

AN OUTSTANDING PHYSIO. My husband and myself have been for treatments with Shirley- Ann. She was recommended by our GP. Over the period of 5 years we have visited her for relief of pain etc. Quality of treatment issecond to none and we always have positive results.
~ EL    

Just to say thank you that was such a valuable hour with you this afternoon. I walked home raising my arm into the air every few hundred metres just for the thrill of it! 

~ Mary, Lightwater 

EFFECTIVE AND FRIENDLY TREATMENT. Shirley-Ann helped me with physiotherapy for recovery from a broken ankle as Covid restrictions meant I was unable to get the normal NHS treatment. During the initial consultation she was very thorough, detailed and knowledgable, and also very friendly and reassuring. I only needed to have a few treatment sessions, and they were very effective in restoring mobility and strength in my ankle. I hope to never need physiotherapy again, but if I do, I would have no hesitation in going back to Shirley-Ann.

~ MB

I am a cancer patient with a lot of scar tissue from several surgeries and had 6 sessions on a weekly basis with Shirley-Ann and my treatment has more than met my expectations. 
I would highly recommend Shirley-Ann, she is a very empathic listener and quickly puts you at ease. She understands your needs, explains simply & clearly what treatment she will carry out, all in a homely and comfortable environment (I still love the heated blankets!).
Within a few sessions I had a lot more mobility and more confidence in what I was able to do. I'd previously had Deep Tissue massage with other physios which was quite painful and uncomfortable, Shirley-Ann's treatments were very gentle but effective. 

~ Carla,  Camberley

After damaging my shoulder muscle following a minor skiing accident, and an MRI scan to indicate the problem, I was referred to Shirley-Ann for treatment. Her understanding of the symptoms and her diagnosed treatment worked perfectly and within a few weeks I was back to normal fitness playing racquet sports again. I decided to visit Shirley-Ann again for a sports massage some time later, and again a fantastic service and made me feel amazingly well.  On top of that, it is a real pleasure to be in Shirley-Ann’s company, very easy to talk to and very caring.  Thank you and best of luck in all of your future work. 

~ M A, Bracknell

After many years of physio treatments for one ailment or another, the information given to me by Shirley-Ann, both in layman terms and technical terms is first class and enables me to understand a little more about why the injury occurred and more importantly how to make it stronger in the future. I feel very happy to recommend Shirley-Ann to friends and family" 
~ SR, Egham

​After a treatment with Shirley-Ann I feel three inches taller and ten years younger!  

~ Tim, Sunninghill 

WONDERFUL SERVICE AT LIGHTWATER PHYSIOTHERAPY. I have trusted my Physiotherapy and Wellness treatments to Shirley Ann Walters for nearly 20 years, whenever the need arises. I always leave a session feeling lighter and easier in the body or with reduced pain ( in the case of sciatica and low back pain ). Shirley Ann is friendly, professional, and dedicated to give the best possible service, which is always great value. I recommend her to all my family and friends. Don’t hesitate to book.

~ SG

I have been a patient of Shirley-Ann for sometime now and originally called her in desperation from work one day when I could hardly stand up and the pain I was experiencing from my lower back was both debilitating and draining. She told me to come straight away. My first visit was fantastic. What a lovely lady with a huge wealth of experience and compassion. At the start of treatment she made me feel so at ease that I felt that I had known her for years.

I am very much into complementary therapy and Shirley-Ann treats not only your physical problem but encourages you through chat to make changes in your life style. Like many of us my life is demanding and in the past I have found it difficult to say 'No' to people, which causes stress and then more pain.

My treatment encompasses ultra sound coupled with gently massage and chat. On the first day I saw Shirley-Ann I could hardly stand straight or sit easily as my back was in trauma.  When the treatment was over there was a marked difference both physically in movement and mentally.

I look forward to my treatments and go back on a regular basis for 'maintenance'. I can certainly say that my back problem, although will never mend itself, has improved and I have certainly altered aspects in my life. I can now say 'No'.

I cannot thank Shirley-Ann enough for the help she has given me. She is marvelous

~ Denise, Lightwater

Thank you so very much for the treatment you have so lovingly given me.
Not only have you helped my back, you have lifted my spirits too!!!
It has been a Joy coming to your home which is filled with an air of tranquillity and filled with your healing love! Thanks a million.
~ MSG Bagshot (An International Low Back Pain Case Study Initiative client for Connective Tissue Therapy) 

Shirley-Ann offers an intuitive holistic approach based on her years of experience. I got way more than I was expecting from our physiotherapy appointments. Alongside discussion and practical work to help with flexibility and strength post hip replacement Shirley-Ann was able to offer healing treatments that arguably helped the healing process (both mentally & physically) more. If you want to dig deeper, see clearer, feel lighter and walk taller Lightwater physiotherapy is for you. On an administrative level Shirley-Ann makes appointment making very personal and easy and walked me through the health insurance process.

~ LE

I contacted Shirley-Ann recently about a foot injury which I had had a few weeks. She saw me promptly and soon identified the symptoms and provided the necessary relief. Touch wood, the injury has not re-occurred again! On the basis of my experience, I would recommend Shirley-Ann to other potential clients.

~ Will, West End

I have greatly benefitted from your expertise in Esoteric Therapy and Healing Techniques to the extent that I feel totally transformed and back to myself again – for the first time in many years – for which I have to thank you most sincerely.

When I came to you I could hardly walk, let alone run, I was limping and had vey low energy levels and other symptoms. Thanks to you and your methodology I was able this summer to walk/hike up and down the Alps, and increased my capacity for riding a bike much further than I had been able to do for over 8 years! 

Your interest in me, my wellbeing, your enthusiasm and caring personality has supported me more to think about myself and my own needs which in turn has enabled me to find a much better balance and level of happiness in my life. 

If things change I very much hope that you will see me again and do your magic! In deep gratitude and with love. 

~ Inge, Lightwater. 

Video Session feedback – 
I would like to share my experience of my first physiotherapy session via Skype. Shirley-Ann rang me at my appointment time and off we went. 
After we went through my records with Shirley-Ann to confirm if there had been any changes she conducted a thorough discussion about how I had sustained the injury to my shoulder and a full explanation from me of the pain and limitations that I have been experiencing. I was asked to try several movements exactly as I would have in her treatment room and to adjust my screen and body position to get the correct view of these movements. Shirley-Ann demonstrated a couple of exercises that I could do and made the relevant suggestions for self help that I could administer at home. The whole experience was as if I was there I person but with no physical contact. I was totally happy that a thorough assessment was made and advice given for me to move forward in my recovery.
~ J.F Surrey

BACK CONDITION SORTED. I recently went to Shirley-Ann with a very painful lower back condition. The back condition was diagnosed as a combination of a herniated disk and wear on tear on the back joints. 

Shirley-Ann worked to eradicate the muscle spasms which had been triggered by the two problems, gave me some exercises to do to ease the slipped disc back into its rightful place, but most importantly recommended that I be 'patient with the condition' and 'not to rush things'. I ignored this advice once but not a second time and the condition improved dramatically over a 4 week period helped by the 5 physio sessions. Very pleased with the outcome and I now take a lot more care with my back.

~ MQ    

​HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I couldn’t recommend Shirley-Ann enough. Along with very capable physio skills she has a wonderful understanding of well being. Every appointment I have come out of I’ve felt both physically and mentally better off. Highly recommended.

~ RF

EXCELLENT TREATMENT As always Shirley -Ann was able to make a quick and accurate diagnosis and quickly treat me in a very professional as well as friendly way .

It is 10 years since I last visited her which is in no small part due to the healthy habits she was able to instill in me .Only after a recent fall did I need to tap into her very considerable expertise again. I left pain free and confident about the treatment she had given me.

I would recommend her without hesitation.

~ RA


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