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Complementary Therapies

Complementary therapies can support in times of stress or simply to support you to increase your sense of wellbeing.

Lady relaxing by a waterfall

Complementary Therapy Sessions

Ill-patterns in our movement may call us to re-set our body. When we are in pain, busy-ness, drive, protection, exhaustion, carrying a load on our shoulders, or we get triggered easily in our moods and emotional reactions, well-being treatments can support us to release the energetic factors that have fed into these patterns in life. 

When we feel anxiety, stress, nervous energy, make poor lifestyle choices, or we struggle with switching off our thoughts to support our quality of sleep at night, we may seek to re-set a sense of harmony and settlement in our bodies.

"Shirley-Ann has changed my life! I recommend her to everyone I know who needs TLC, physically and/or psychologically. My sessions here are the high spot of my week."

Claire, Frimley

Shirley-Ann Walter with a Patient

There are a range of well-being treatments that can offer a settlement, a feeling of deep rest in the body that you may not have felt before. Clients often fall asleep during these sessions and awaken to a re-balanced and refreshed feeling again. Others find it supportive to talk through what may be observed in the body as it settles. 

Everyone is unique and the sessions are tailor-made to suit you, please ask for details.

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