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Physiotherapy & Massage   Lightwater Physiotherapy near BAGSHOT 

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Directions to Lightwater Physiotherapy from Bagshot

Shirley-Ann Walters offers Physiotherapy to people of all ages living in the Bagshot area. Situated just 5 minutes away in Lightwater, Shirley-Ann Walters offers a personalised, hands on approach to physiotherapy, including massage and wellbeing treatments.

Bagshot Village is situated conveniently around the A30 which connects through Sunningdale, Virginia Water, Wentworth, Englefield Green, Egham to the M25 Northwards, and Camberley, Yateley, Sandhurst in the South. 

From Bagshot head towards the A322, go across and round to the left to re-join the A322, towards the M3 Junction 3 roundabout and go across the M3 to take the exit onto the Lightwater by-pass towards Woking and immediately take the right turn across the central reservation towards Lightwater Village on the Guildford Road and take MacDonald Road on the right at the corner store “Donald MM” newsagents. Then take the first right (at the brow of the hill) onto Mount Pleasant Close. Follow the road round and take the first left which is Turnville Close. Lightwater Physiotherapy is at number 5, which is the third house on the left, with plenty of parking space opposite alongside the hedge on your right.

 There is also Bagshot railway station with rail services frequently into London Waterloo, Ascot, Bracknell, Staines. 

Person having an Acute Soft Tissue Injury

Acute soft Tissue Injuries

In situations of acute soft tissue injuries the best initial advice you may have heard of is "RICE" or R.I.C.E which stands for Rest Ice Compression and Elevation. If you want to reduce swelling, elevation needs to be higher than your heart. Take care applying ice as it is possible to get an ice burn - always put a cloth between the gel pack or frozen peas and your skin and do a maximum of 10 minutes at a time. Never use a food or wine cooler as they can be too cold. 

Lumbago or lower back pain

Lower Back Pain affects many people of all ages, during work whether manual or sedentary, sport such as golf, hobbies such as gardening, and everyday life and chores such as DIY. Chartered and State registered physiotherapists such as Shirley-Ann deal with this sort of thing every day in their clinical practice, both as treatment and prevention of back pain. 

Education about movement, exercises, pain management, lifting and handling and how to look after your back can be an excellent foundation and this kind of support is available at Lightwater Physiotherapy, near Bagshot, close to the M3 motorway Junction 3. 

Spinal Cord Skeleton
Lady Working

Neck, shoulder, and limb pain

Work related pain due to poor ergonomics, repetative movements and bad posture are on the increase and Shirley-Ann Walters is used to treating these problems with physiotherapy manual techniques, advice, exercises and massage depending on what is needed. 

Other kinds of neck pain may be a result of whiplash injuries, trapped nerves, stress and tension, and other more acute problems. If you have had X-rays or scans, bring any information you have with you to your first physiotherapy treatment session. 

OptiNeck Balance Wedge® is a device that helps you to maintain upper body posture and fitness as a sound foundation to the rest of the arm.  

Lady using OptiNeck
Old Man Holding a Ball

Elderly Rehabilitation Packages

The nature of elderly care varies widely, but in many instances there is plenty of scope for assessment and rehabilitation such as after a fall or illness or operation, or to re-evaluate walking aids and mobility circumstances and needs to facilitate independence for as long as possible and based on the persons own needs and wishes, along with supporting friends and family there to help them.

Talking though a complex set of needs via an assessment with Chartered and State registered physiotherapist Shirley-Ann Walters can so often help to clarify the picture and priorities and break things down into manageable goals and where to focus limited energy. This can occur in clinic where possible, and subject to space available in the diary home visits at additional cost. Please ask for details. 

The assessment and treatment provided by Shirley-Ann is exemplary. Shirley-Ann reviews previous treatments and my feedback on each visit ensuring that the treatment is tuned to my needs every time.



Shirley-Ann Walters Physiotherapist


Shirley-Ann Walters

Established in 2001 – Registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

With over 30 years of clinical experience, physiotherapist Shirley-Ann Walters offers a professional, high quality, caring, effective and practical approach to treatment including a detailed confidential assessment and a variety of gentle HANDS-ON approaches, clear advice, explanations and exercises in physiotherapy general practice specialising in a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders.

Shirley-Ann is dedicated to helping people to receive the realisations that lead to self-care, considering the wider factors contributing to injury, facilitating healing and prevention, supporting the return to life’s flow, using expression, listening, and effective practical physiotherapy hands-on techniques.


Shirley-Ann qualified from The Middlesex Hospital London, worked in the NHS, then in a group private practice before joining BMI Runnymede Hospital and becoming the physiotherapy manager. She started her own practice in South Ascot, and in 2011 moved to a designated treatment room at home in Lightwater, Surrey, where she practices today.


A member since 1992, Shirley-Ann is also an active community representative for the private practitioners association Physiofirst.

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