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Physiotherapy, Massage, Lightwater Physiotherapy Clinic near KNAPHILL & BISLEY & WEST END

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Directions to Lightwater Physiotherapy from Knaphill, Bisley, & West End

To Lightwater Physiotherapy from Knaphill take the A322 Guildford Road all the way to the Gordon’s School Roundabout, take the 3rd exit and stay on the A322, turn left onto Guildford road into Lightwater and straight over both mini roundabouts into the high street.From the centre of Lightwater with the Co-Op on your left, M&S petrol station on your right, proceed along the Guildford Road towards Bagshot and the M3, past the Post Office on your right, and continue to MacDonald Road on your left with “Donald MM” corner store newsagents on your left.Continue and take the first right turn into Mount Pleasant Close at the brow of the hill. Continue round and take the first left into Turnville Close, number 5 is the third house on your left, and there is room for parking along the right by the hedge opposite the house.

Shirley-Ann Walter Doing Therapy

Ligament and tendon injuries

Ligaments and tendons are what keep our joints together, and are prone to strains and sprains when we don't listen carefully to our bodies messages or over-ride and over do things sometimes. 

These may require some electrotherapy treatments such as uUtrasound therapy or LASER, gentle manual therapy and exercises with careful advice to progress recovery. It is very easy to be "Just well enough to make things worse" so working together to discuss your unique situation can help. 

“I have received excellent care from Shirley-Ann over many years for various problems. She has a gentle manner and technique, which allows the body to relax and be open to any treatment. Best physiotherapist I have seen in recent years.”


Rehab Programmes

It is important to complete your recovery following surgery or injury to restore range of movement, strength and full function, as well as to reach your full vitality and zest for life once again whether that be for work or leisure activities. Shirley-Ann Walters at Lightwater Physiotherapy close to Bagshot can support you with such a programme to continue with your treatment after discharge for the best possible outcome.  

Old man holding a ball
Shirley-Ann Walter Doing Therapy

Shoulder Injuries

The Shoulder is an interesting and complex joint surrounded by a set of exercises which stabilise it know as the "rotator cuff muscles."  Muscle, tendon, ligament, capsule, nerve, joint ares may be involved as with the collar bone (clavicle) or Shoulder blade (scapula) which all meet at the top of your shoulder, an area prone to wear and tear and sometimes requiring an Arthroscopic Sub-acrominal decompression ASD operation followed by physiotherapy rehabilitation involving manual therapy and exercises mostly to re-gain range and function. 

"Just to say thank you that was such a valuable hour with you this afternoon. I walked home raising my arm into the air every few hundred metres just for the thrill of it!” ​


M. Lightwater

OptiNeck Balance Wedge® is a device that helps you to maintain upper body posture and fitness as a sound foundation to the rest of the arm.  

Woman using OptiNeck
Man with a headache

Lack of Energy and Vitality

There can be lots of reasons why we appear to function below par. Physiotherapist Shirley-Ann Walters has a special interest in those "other" disorders like ME or Chronic Fatigue, CF but also those more unclear symptoms where you don't know who to turn to. It is important to see your GP to rule out other serious problems, but once clear, there are a variety of different approaches than can help you restore your own vitality once again. Everyone is unique, with a wide experience base Shirley-Ann can offer you a breadth of approaches to explore how to get you back on Track.  

Shirley-Ann Walter Physiotherapist


Shirley-Ann Walters

Established in 2001 – Registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

With over 30 years of clinical experience, physiotherapist Shirley-Ann Walters offers a professional, high quality, caring, effective and practical approach to treatment including a detailed confidential assessment and a variety of gentle HANDS-ON approaches, clear advice, explanations and exercises in physiotherapy general practice specialising in a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders.

Shirley-Ann is dedicated to helping people to receive the realisations that lead to self-care, considering the wider factors contributing to injury, facilitating healing and prevention, supporting the return to life’s flow, using expression, listening, and effective practical physiotherapy hands-on techniques.


Shirley-Ann qualified from The Middlesex Hospital London, worked in the NHS, then in a group private practice before joining BMI Runnymede Hospital and becoming the physiotherapy manager. She started her own practice in South Ascot, and in 2011 moved to a designated treatment room at home in Lightwater, Surrey, where she practices today.


A member since 1992, Shirley-Ann is also an active community representative for the private practitioners association Physiofirst.

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