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Neck & Shoulder Pain

Updated: Feb 7



Desk Working & Sedentary Lifestyles Problems


What Causes Neck and Shoulder Pain?


“Technology has changed our lives. This presents a unique set of challenges to the human body. Our day to day lives are far less active than before and dominated by interacting with screens of all shapes and sizes...


All the time we are spending sitting and slumping in front of screens is putting a lot of strain on our bodies. Over time we stiffen into this slumped and bio mechanically imbalanced position with our trunks flexed and our heads forward causing strain in our neck, shoulders, and upper back. The less we move the stiffer we get, we each passing day we become trapped in our own stiffening bodies… 



In the short term - this can cause a wide range of problems, such as neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, trapped nerves and even dizziness.


In the longer term - if left uncorrected, this can cause increased joint wear and tear, more severe postural changes, and chronic pain.


Because this is a problem that we cause daily, we need something to correct this imbalance every day...



The OptiNeck Balance Wedge® is a unique exercise device that easily and effectively addresses these postural changes, helping you restore biomechanical balance.


Its unique and simple design gets gravity working for you rather than against you, its ease of use and immediately tangible benefits help you develop the habit of rebalancing your body every day, keeping you moving better for longer.


For the movement rehabilitation professional the OptiNeck Balance Wedge® opens up a wide range of new treatment and exercise possibilities.


As we say, ‘all of our tomorrows are shaped by our todays.’ “



Ref: The OptiNeck Balance Wedge® Video (see dropdown below physiotherapy)


Available here at Lightwater Physiotherapy please ask for details.

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