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Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound Therapy

Tissue Healing and Repair

Where can I get Ultrasound Treatment?

Therapeutic Ultrasound 1-3MHz at Lightwater Physiotherapy


It is becoming increasingly common for patients to request Ultrasound Therapy at Lightwater Physiotherapy due to past positive experiences and the limited availability of it especially in the stretch resources of the NHS.

One of the ways to stimulate the many chemicals needed for tissue repair of injuries is Therapeutic Ultrasound, which is one of the many forms of Ultrasound used in medicine today.  


Therapeutic Ultrasound, one of the most traditional and well understood treatments in physiotherapy electrotherapy, is known to complement manual therapy and exercise in tissue repair. (Dr. Tim Watson et al)

It works by stimulating the chemical pathway and ingredients needed for repair, and might be described as being “pro-inflammatory” and this is why NSAIDS are sometimes controversial in the early stages of healing.




Therapeutic Ultrasound applied appropriately is pleasant to receive and is often described as “soothing” by patients as you can neither feel of hear it, and works best in the first few weeks of recovery, though it can also have a role in more chronic conditions and pain relief depending on what is happening in the body.

Following assessment, if Ultrasound Therapy is indicated your physiotherapist will choose from a range of settings to suit your situation and stage of recovery, and apply the transducer head to the area with contact gel in order that the sound waves can travel via water to the water inside the body. They will also keep the transducer head moving slowly to ensure even distribution and avoid streaming or build up in one area.

It is important to also follow the advice and exercises in the rest of your treatment programme so that together they can support your body as fully as possible in soft tissue healing and repair.




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